Perkins Products
Vesco is proud to be a Perkins Products distributor for Michigan and northern Ohio.  Based in Bedford Park, Illinois, Perkins manufactures a complete line of quality lubricants and metalworking products.

Perchem  The Perchem group, designed to meet a variety of requirements, is organized into the following three distinct groups:

The solvent group features a complete range of products from k-1 kerosene to high flash, no flash, quick-dri and odorless solvents.

Heat Treating Fluids:
This group consists of heat transfer oils, heat treating oils and quench oils.

Special purpose products:
The special purpose product family is comprised of tapping fluids, antifoam agents, coolant conditioners, concentrated additives, anti-freeze and EDM oils.
 Perdraw The Perdraw family is a group of extreme pressure, special performance oil and synthetic metalworking fluids that are designed to provide lubrication for drawing, forming, stamping, extruding and a host of manufacturing options.

Whether for ferrous or nonferrous working applications in a variety of environments, the Perdraw group provides solutions in virtually any viscosity, additive type or vehicle to meet exacting requirements.
 Perkleen The Perkleen group of products is designed for a wide variety of cleaning applications. Whether your requirement is cleaning parts, machines, floors, walls or automobiles, we can provide cost effective cleaners for virtually any application.

The Perkleen products are organized into four categories: emulsions, detergents, alkalines and specialty. Each category has its own distinctive characteristics that satisfy specific cleaning requirements. In selecting the proper cleaner, the main considerations are the type of soils being removed, the materials being cleaned, and the equipment available for the task. 
 Perkool The Perkools are emulsion, synthetic and semi-synthetic water-based metalworking fluids. All Perkools feature excellent rust preventive properties, consistent bacterial inhibition and outstanding heat dissipating qualities. Perkools are the ideal medium for clean and efficient machining and grinding.

Within this metalworking fluid line, we offer a family of biostable products that feature excellent resistance to bacteria. These products provide excellent corrosion protection and exhibit superior machining characteristics. The bio-resistance of these fluids is greater than in conventional soluble oil. Second, once bacteria does start to multiply, the fluid will not demonstrate the normal signs of bacterial growth. The emulsion will not degrade and odors will not develop in the coolant. These biostable products are excellent for machining all metals.
 Perkote The Perkote family is an outstanding group of rust preventives and corrosion inhibitors designed for the protection of all metals.  They are offered in oil, solvent, and water formulations and provide a variety of films and coatings to satisfy customer requirements. The choices include dry film, light oil, heavy oil, thixotropic gel, soft wax, petroleum wax and hard resin.

The majority of the Perkotes are engineered for the protection of ferrous metals for indoor or outdoor storage. Many Perkotes provide special features including water displacement, fingerprint neutralization, ultraviolet resistance and acid protection. Several Perkotes meet military specifications and satisfy salt spray and humidity cabinet requirements.
 Perkut Perkuts are straight oil fluids designed for a multitude of machining operations on all metals. Perkuts vary in base oil type, chemical additive makeup and viscosity, but all are designed for improving efficiencies for chip formation and metal removal.

The Perkuts are excellent performers, from the simplest requirement of turning or sawing to the more difficult operations of broaching, tapping, thread grinding, gun drilling or trepanning.

Many specialized additives are used to insure good oxidation stability, low foaming characteristics, anti-mist qualities, efficient anti-weld action and superior lubricity performance.
 Perlube The Perlube series is a complete line of lubricating products for industrial and commercial machinery, from machine tools to automotive equipment. The Perlubes include hydraulic and lubricating products, gear oils, transmission fluids, compressor lubes, way lubricants and a complete selection of greases. Put simply, the Perlube group provides a lubricant for every requirement.