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Valvoline® now provides all your service needs. That's the Valvoline Professional Series. As an owner, operator or service manager, you have trusted the Valvoline name for years. With the Valvoline Professional Series, you'll get a line of superior equipment needed to perform these services. 

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Power Steering Services 

Power SteeringSynPower® Power Steering Fluid helps protect against pump breakdown caused by corrosion, wear and oxidation, and prevents clogging and foaming.

Cooling System Services

Coolant SystemValvoline's Cooling System Service will help prevent cooling system failure, the #1 cause of on-road engine-related breakdowns. Regular cooling system maintenance helps prevent engine boil-over in summer.

Engine Cleaning Services

Engine SystemInfrequent oil changes, combined with stop-and-go driving, can cause sludge formation which leads to problems such as reduced oil circulation, restricted oil passages, sticky valves, lifters and piston rings.


Brake System Services

Brake SystemThis service removes old, contaminated brake fluid from brake systems to help keep brakes functioning properly and avoid costly repairs.

Transmission Services

Transmission ServiceRegular transmission maintenance as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer is an important way to help prevent expensive repairs. It will also help to extend the life of your transmission.

Fuel System Services

Fuel SystemThe most common symptoms associated with fuel injector deposits are stalling, hesitation and loss of power. Fuel injector deposits can interrupt the delivery of fuel and disrupt the spray pattern. These deposits can build-up on your fuel injectors in as few as 3,000 miles.